Shillong Teer Previous Result is a phrase that resonates with avid Teer enthusiasts and betting aficionados. Understanding these results is crucial for anyone looking to make informed decisions in this unique game of archery-based betting. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Shillong Teer, exploring the significance of Shillong Teer Previous Result and how they can be used to enhance your chances of winning.

What is Shillong Teer?

Before we dive into the Shillong Teer Previous Result, let's get a clear understanding of what this game is all about. Shillong Teer is a traditional archery-based lottery game that originated in Meghalaya, India. It has gained immense popularity not only in Meghalaya but also among bettors across India and beyond.

The game is played twice a day, except on Sundays, and involves archers shooting arrows at a target. Participants place their bets on the number of arrows that hit the target. The game is divided into two rounds: the first round, where archers shoot 30 arrows, and the second round, where they shoot 20 arrows. The combination of arrows that hit the target in both rounds is used to determine the winning numbers.

The Significance of Shillong Teer Previous Result

For seasoned players and newcomers alike, keeping tabs on the Shillong Teer Previous Result is a fundamental aspect of strategizing. Here's why:

1. Pattern Recognition

Analyzing past results can help you identify patterns and trends. It allows you to see if specific numbers or combinations frequently appear as winning results. This information can guide your betting strategy.

2. Informed Betting

By studying previous results, you can make more informed bets. If certain numbers have consistently been part of the winning combination, you might choose to bet on them in the upcoming rounds.

3. Risk Management

Understanding the history of Shillong Teer results can assist you in managing your risk. It can help you avoid common mistakes and make bets that have a higher probability of success.

4. Confidence Building

Knowledge is power, and knowing the Shillong Teer Previous Result can boost your confidence in your betting decisions. When you have data to support your choices, you're more likely to feel secure in your bets.

How to Access Shillong Teer Previous Results

Accessing Shillong Teer Previous Results is relatively simple, thanks to the internet. You can find these results on various websites dedicated to Teer gaming. These websites often provide not only the most recent results but also archives of past results, making it easier for you to perform your analysis.


In the world of Shillong Teer, staying informed about the Shillong Teer Previous Result is a valuable strategy. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions, recognize patterns, and manage your bets effectively. Remember that while past results can provide insights, Teer remains a game of chance, and there are no foolproof strategies. However, using historical data as a part of your overall strategy can enhance your overall gaming experience.